Out-of-band Authentication

Securing High-risk Transactions

Account logins, password resets, contact information updates. These examples of high-risk transactions can be secured with multi-factor authentication, bringing trust to transactions.

Need for Authentication

Customer initiates a high-risk transaction or requires stepped-up authentication.

Determine Delivery Method

Early Warning provides a variety of multi-factor out-of-band capabilities including SMS, phone call, fingerprint, near-field communication (NFC), QR code and voice biometric.

Know Before You Send

Fortify Out-of-band-authentication from man-in-the-middle fraud to better secure OTP's.

Validate One-time Passcode (OTP)

By validating the OTP through something a person “has,” something a person “knows,” or something a person “is,” Early Warning can flag indicators of potential fraud.


Early Warning’s Out-of-Band Authentication products help you:

  • Secure high-risk transactions
  • Protect against unauthorized attempts to access accounts
  • Built-in International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) detection
  • Provide a number of different out-of-band delivery methods
  • Streamline delivery through our Authentify® Platform Solution Suite
  • Improve the customer experience with safer transactions
Best as Bundle

Improve the Customer Experience

Couple Out-of-Band Authentication with additional Early Warning products to enable fast, safe and easy customer interactions. Our Authentify Platform Solution Suite provides effective online device verification and authentication to reduce fraud and enhance customers’ experiences throughout their lifecycle and across all channels.

Let’s talk about how you can secure high-risk transactions.

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