Out-of-band Authentication

Securing High-risk Transactions

Account logins, password resets, contact information updates. These examples of high-risk transactions can be secured with multi-factor authentication, bringing trust to transactions.

Need for Authentication

Customer initiates a high-risk transaction or requires stepped-up authentication.

Determine Delivery Method

Early Warning provides a variety of multi-factor out-of-band capabilities including SMS, phone call, fingerprint, near-field communication (NFC), QR code and voice biometric.

Know Before You Send

Fortify Out-of-band-authentication from man-in-the-middle fraud to better secure OTP's.

Validate One-time Passcode (OTP)

By validating the OTP through something a person “has,” something a person “knows,” or something a person “is,” Early Warning can flag indicators of potential fraud.


Early Warning’s Out-of-Band Authentication products help you:

  • Secure high-risk transactions
  • Protect against unauthorized attempts to access accounts
  • Built-in International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) detection
  • Provide a number of different out-of-band delivery methods
  • Streamline delivery through our Authentify® Platform Solution Suite
  • Improve the customer experience with safer transactions