Expand Credit Insights



Expand credit-decisioning, financial inclusion, revenue and your customer base

Expand Credit Insights delivers summarized deposit account activity information on no-hit and no-file consumers (little or no credit history), allowing financial institutions to expand the insights they consider for lending decisions. The solution helps increase access to credit and capital to those without traditional credit scores and help them enter mainstream financial services. 

Expand Credit Insights flow
2 Financial service organizations can implement the solution by signing a supplemental agreement and by connecting through an existing integration with TransUnion, Equifax or Experian 
Key Benefits

| Increase financial inclusion | Increase your financial institutions' goodwill Expand your customer base | Increase revenue | Help you meet your compliance requirements 

Removing Barriers to Financial Inclusion
  • Nearly 50 million U.S. adults don’t have credit scores.² 
  • Many consumers with no credit history have deposit history, which may increase lender confidence to grant credit. 
  • Expand Credit Insights was developed in support of Project REACh to help expand access to credit and capital. 
  • Early Warning is proud to be a participating member of the Project REACh Alternative Credit Assessment Utility Workstream, which is driving the effort to help those without traditional credit scores enter mainstream financial services. 
2Source: Alternative Credit Assessment Utility Workstream Overview

Explore how you can broaden your market of qualified credit applications while making a positive impact in the communities you serve.

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