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Everything We Offer is Part of a Larger Solution

We meet specific identity, authentication and payment needs with the bigger picture in mind — having all the pieces to complete your puzzle.


Mobile Identity, Status & Authentication

Reduce fraud risk and enable passive, frictionless authentication with intelligence from telco, mobile network operators and other trusted third-party sources to authenticate devices and digital interactions.

Number Verification

Save money, improve the customer experience and help mitigate the risk of TCPA violations by checking phone number status and ownership before making outbound calls.

Out-of-band Authentication

Achieve two-factor authentication by sending one-time passcodes, PINs or patterns to your customer’s trusted device.

Inbound Call Verification

Protect against call spoofing by verifying, in real-time, the validity of the phone number and line type calling in to your contact center or institution.

Fortified OTP

Ensure that your SMS one-time passcodes land on the intended device and that customers can easily authenticate themselves with the touch of a link from their trusted device.


Pre-populate your customers’ personal information in website forms to save time, ensure accuracy and improve the user experience.

Device IQ

Determine the overall health of a device or browser to detect compromises and assess the level of risk.

Browser IQ

Determine the overall health of a web browser via mobile device, laptop or PC to detect compromises and assess the level of risk.
Payment & Deposit Verification

Payment Chek® Service

Reduce check and ACH payment losses by receiving high-risk payment notifications and validating account owner authentication in real-time.

Deposit Chek® Service

Reduce deposit losses by receiving high-risk deposit notifications and checking account owner authentication in real-time.
Zelle Network®

Disbursements with Zelle®

Send corporate or government payments to almost anyone in the United States using only the recipient’s email or U.S. mobile number.*

Zelle® for Small Businesses

For landlords, dog sitters, plumbers and more, Zelle enables small businesses to send and receive money directly from their mobile banking app.