Our Products Work Together - For You

Everything We Offer is Part of a Larger Solution

We meet specific identity, risk and payment needs with the bigger picture in mind — having all the pieces to complete your puzzle.

Payment & Deposit Verification

Payment Chek® Service

Reduce check and ACH payment losses by receiving high-risk payment notifications and validating account owner authentication in real-time.

Deposit Chek® Service

Reduce deposit losses by receiving high-risk deposit notifications and checking account owner authentication in real-time.
Zelle Network®

Disbursements with Zelle®

Send corporate or government payments to almost anyone in the United States using only the recipient’s email or U.S. mobile number.*

Zelle® for Small Businesses

For landlords, dog sitters, plumbers and more, Zelle® enables small businesses to send and receive money directly from their mobile banking app.