Helping Protect Your Subscribers From ID Theft and Account Takeover

Provide your identity theft protection subscribers with timely notifications to new deposit account applications, new deposit account openings or changes to their associated personal information.

ID Chek
Service Alerts for Identity Theft Protection Providers

Generate incremental alerts to reinforce value with your subscribers.

Subscription Services
  • Provide subscribers with actionable alerts
  • Increase perceived value of subscription service with additional alerts
  • Enable a variety of alert types to reduce subscriber churn
Breach Solutions
  • Proactive contract for data breach situations
  • Deliver peace of mind for impacted customers
  • Affords competitive pricing structure
Employee Benefits
  • Enhance employee benefit package with subscription service offering
  • Reinforce commitment to employee security
  • Affordable plan to accommodate blanket employee coverage
  • Because of our unique visibility into the U.S. DDA market, your subscribers will receive meaningful, actionable alerts specific to banking activity.
  • Other service providers are limited in bank data, therefore enhancing your subscribers’ experience, providing additional security and reducing churn.
  • Eight of the top financial institutions contribute intelligence to Early Warning, with hundreds of other FIs contributing to this solution.

Let’s talk about how you diversify the types of alerts you are providing to subscribers.

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