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Add value to your identity theft protection service and breach solutions by delivering a greater variety of consumer alerts.


Step 1: You provide Early Warning with your subscriber files.


Step 2: Early Warning continuously monitors your subscribers’ deposit accounts, comparing their information against activity reflected in our vast repository of bank-contributed data.


Step 3: When activity is detected related to a monitored subscriber, Detect Identity Activity generates an alert* and sends it to you in real-time.


Step 4: You send an instant notification to the subscriber, who in turn determines the authenticity of the activity. If the event is suspicious, or indicative of fraud, they are instructed to contact their financial institution.

* Alerts include: New deposit account applications | New deposit account openings | Changes made to deposit account holder’s personal information | New signers added to a depositor’s account

  • Robust Data: Early Warning is the Trusted Custodian® of the National Shared DatabaseSM Resource—which contains a rich set of deposit performance data contributed by thousands of financial institutions on a recurring basis, ensuring our information is always up to date.
  •  Rich analytics: Look beyond a single match to a negative data point—and make more informed decisions, in context. Our risk assessment algorithms incorporate comprehensive, cross-institution data sets, adding depth and perspective to insights.
  • Proven track record: Take advantage of Early Warning’s 30 years of experience to enhance your existing new account opening and risk mitigation process or use our holistic bundles end-to-end.

Let’s talk about how you diversify the types of alerts you are providing to subscribers.

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