Predict New Account Risk



Confidently Expand Your Customer Base

Approve more new accounts while protecting against fraud losses—with deep predictive intelligence. 

  • Open more accounts, tailoring applicant’s account privileges to align with your risk threshold 
  • Protect against new account losses by understanding the likelihood of first-party fraud or default in the first nine months 
  • Balance risk, efficiency and compliance, using scores and attributes in a manner that supports your account opening strategy 
  • Improve financial inclusion by confidently opening your doors to a wider population of consumers 
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Step 1: A consumer completes and submits your institution’s digital new account application. 

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Step 2: Using data contributed by thousands of financial institutions, Early Warning runs proprietary algorithms to:

  • Determine applicant’s risk of default due to first-party fraud or account mismanagement 
  • Compile a summary of attributes that offer a clear view into applicant’s deposit account history and behavior 
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Step 3: Early Warning provides you with predictive intelligence that moves beyond binary (yes/no) input, including first-party fraud scores, account default scores, and summarized attributes

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Step 4: You use the scores and attributes as part of your account opening strategy to make more knowledgeable approval decisions

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