Verify Identity
Assess your applicants with confidence. Determine, in real-time, the likelihood that an applicant is who they claim to be.
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Step 1: A consumer submits their personally identifiable information through your account screening system.

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Step 2: Early Warning receives a real-time inquiry about an applicant, indicating which scores and/or data are requested.

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Step 3: Using data contributed by thousands of banks, Early Warning processes the data to provide the requested intelligence.

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Step 4: You use the Verify Identity intelligence to make a reliable and timely assessment of the applicant’s identity credentials. 

Requested intelligence includes; identity confidence score, synthetics indicator, summarized attributes, and SSN verification*

  • Improve the customer experience by detecting suspect identities in real-time and swiftly advancing legitimate applicants.
  • Improve identity confidence with sophisticated algorithms that reduce false positives/negatives and detect synthetics.
  • Reduce fraud losses, using real-time intelligence to detect fraudulent identities before bad actors enter your system.
  • Simplify compliance with authentication scoring that adheres to Gramm-Leach-Bliley and can enhance your KYC and CIP initiatives.


  • Robust data: Early Warning is the Trusted Custodian® of the National Shared DatabaseSM Resource—which contains a rich set of deposit performance data contributed by thousands of financial institutions on a recurring basis, ensuring our information is always up to date.
  • Scalable technology: Grow at your own pace! Access our capability bundles through a single API (application programming interface). Implement once—and quickly deploy additional capabilities in a snap. 
  • Rich analytics: Look beyond a single match to a negative data point—and make more informed decisions, in context. Our risk assessment algorithms incorporate comprehensive, cross-institution data sets, adding depth and perspective to insights.
  • Proven track record: Take advantage of Early Warning’s 30 years of experience to enhance your existing new account opening and risk mitigation process or use our holistic bundles end-to-end.


Let’s talk about how you can confidently verify consumer identities. 

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Are your identity verification tools keeping up with today’s quickly evolving threats like synthetic identities and helping your financial institution deliver a great applicant experience with minimal friction?

If there’s room for improvement, this eBook will show you how Verify Identity can help your bank, credit union or financial services organization check all the critical boxes: