Disbursements with Zelle®




Modernize Your Business-to-Consumer Payments

Sending payments from a business to a consumer should be fast, safe and easy for everyone involved. Ditch the check and uncover the potential of token-based, digital disbursements.

Customer Opts in To Receive Payments

Consumer opts in to receive payments through Zelle and provides their token - an email address or U.S. mobile number - to the disbursing business.

Company Initiates Payment

The business initiates a payment using the provided token, which delivers a message to the Zelle Network®. Communications between the sending and receiving financial institutions are handled through the Network.

Customer Receives Payment

If enrolled, the customer will receive a notification from the FI or Zelle and the payment will be deposited in their account within minutes.*


Disbursements with Zelle can help you:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Generate additional revenue opportunities
  • Decrease losses associated with fraud and theft
  • Decrease check management expenses
  • Gain a competitive advantage with an innovative offering
  • Attract and retain customers



Secure the Payments Process

Couple Disbursements with Zelle® with additional Early Warning solutions to enable fast, safe and easy payments. Our Risk Services provide effective mobile device verification and authentication to reduce fraud and enhance customer experiences in the payments process.

Let’s talk about how Disbursements with Zelle can work for you.

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