Account Owner Authentication (AOA)

Authenticating account ownership for financial institutions, corporations and government entities

Knowing who you’re transacting with is important. Our AOA solution helps you identify who you’re working with and if they are authorized to be transacting on a checking or savings account for either a payment or disbursement transaction.


Inquire against customer database

Matching data including account/routing, Account name, SSN, date of birth, etc.

Early Warning Response

Provides immediate notification of account ownership with a (Y) yes, (N) no, or (C) conditional verification.


For FIs

Ensure customers are authorized to transact on external accounts. Use cases include new account funding, external account linkages, inbound payments and outbound disbursements for cards, HELOCs and other credit or lending products.

For Corporations

Avoid administrative and unauthorized returns for ACH payments enrollments, e-commerce purchases, online bill payments, check cashing services, disbursements and other use cases were detecting checking or savings account status and ownership risk is essential.

For Government Entities

For tax refunds, benefit disbursements, and more, ensure the funds are being delivered to the right person.


Combine our Account Owner Authentication with our mobile authentication solutions to enable fast, safe and easy customer interactions. Our Authentify® Platform Solution Suite provides effective online device verification and authentication to reduce fraud and enhance customers’ experiences throughout their lifecycle and across all channels.

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