Expand Your Zelle® Capabilities

Zelle® now enables financial institutions to offer a modern, token-based payment solution to their small business clients. Whether a landlord, a dog-walker, a plumber or a nanny, Zelle® enables small businesses to send and receive funds from consumers and other small businesses they know and trust.

Customer Initiates Payment

Customer uses their mobile banking app to deliver a payment to the token of a small business they know and trust.

Zelle Network® Messaging

Messaging between the sending and receiving financial institutions are facilitated through the Zelle Network®.

Payment Notification Received

The small business recipient will receive a payment notification from Zelle® alerting them a payment has been made. The funds will typically be available within minutes.*

Product Benefits

Zelle® for small business can help you:

  • Reduce cash and check management expenses by digitizing transactions
  • Enhance the customer experience for consumers and small business customers
  • Increase revenue from small business clients
  • Attract and retain small business clients
  • Expand the capabilities of your Zelle® implementation
Best as Bundle

Secure the Payments Process

Couple Zelle® for Small Business with additional Early Warning solutions to enable fast, safe and easy payments. Our Securing Payments solution provides effective mobile device verification and authentication to reduce fraud and enhance customer experiences in the payments process.

Let’s talk about how Zelle® for Small Business can work for you.

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