Detect Identity Activity

Detect Identity Activity

Early alerts of potential fraud

Detect Identity Activity (formerly known as Identity Chek® Service Alerts) helps protect consumers' financial wellbeing by continuously monitoring accounts and alerting them of potential fraud through actionable alerts specific to banking activities and data breach situations


How it works

Detect Identity Activity generates consumer alerts on a range of banking activities including new deposit account applications and openings, changes made to deposit account holder’s personal information and new signers added to a depositor’s account. Differentiate your identity theft protection service offerings and supplement your credit education solutions by delivering continuous alerts to your subscribers, preventing and exposing potential identity theft and fraud.

Utilize the largest direct source of deposit account data to expand your identity theft protection service.

Enhanced Detect Identity Activity alerts:


Alert Elements

  • Channel: New account opening channel if identified (Mail, Telephone, Internet, Branch)
  • Account Open Date: Date and time the account was opened if applicable
  • Inquiry Date: Date the inquiry was processed at Early Warning

✓ Data provided:
response codes

Accurate and timely detection

Detect Identity Activity use cases





What it solves

Detect Identity Activity allows you to differentiate your identity theft protection service and breach solutions by delivering a greater variety of continuous alerts to your subscribers.

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The Early Warning® Advantage

Leverage 30 years of experience to enhance your new accounting opening strategy.


Robust data

Early Warning is the Trusted Custodian® of the National Shared DatabaseSM Resource which contains a rich set of data, ensuring our information is always up-to-date.


Scalable technology

Grow at your own pace! Access our capability bundles through a simple API. Implement once – and quickly deploy additional capabilities in a snap.


Rich analytics

Our risk assessment algorithms incorporate comprehensive, cross-institution data sets, adding depth and perspective to insights.

Early Warning is the Trusted Custodian® of the National Shared DatabaseSM Resource – which contains a rich set of deposit performance data contributed by more than 2,500 financial institutions including banks like:

Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, PNC, Truist, US Bank and Wells Fargo

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