Open accounts with confidence by using bank intelligence to validate the customer’s identity and assess the likelihood of first-party fraud or account mismanagement.

By Paramita Bhattacharjee


Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in an American Banker panel discussion with representatives from the American Banker Association, and TCF Bank to discuss the new account onboarding process and the...

Download the commissioned Aite report, Financial Identity Crimes in the U.S. to learn:

The incidence rate of identity theft The very real problem of application fraud related to financial accounts Consumer’s satisfaction level with account...
The term “Digital Identity” has been popularized to link a consumer to his or her transactions online.
Early Warning has earned the top spot as a Digital Identity Provider in July 2016 edition of its Digital Identity TrackerTM"
Early Warning, a leader in fraud prevention and risk management, today announced that its Account Owner Authentication (AOA) for Government solution suite is now available to help prevent the growing instances of tax refund fraud.
This type of identity fraud is something financial institutions (FIs) are keenly aware of but, until lately, it has been difficult to detect and help prevent.
In an increasingly faceless environment, validating a consumer’s personally identifiable information, their devices and related risk is vital to ensure the optimal customer experience as well as safety and soundness in the financial system.

According to Aite Group, “application fraud continues to be a significant problem for financial institutions across the U.S.” Undoubtedly, the continued prevalence of identity crimes is only exasperating the problem. Between data breaches...

Opportunities for new account fraud are further exacerbated by the growing number of digital-native millennials, or consumers that prefer to conduct commerce in the online and mobile channels.
In a recently published study, over 40% of FIs in every category with the exception of the largest FIs already offer some type of second chance account.