Early Warning Ranked #1 Digital Identity Provider

Early Warning Ranked #1 Digital Identity Provider

Scottsdale, AZ


Early Warning has earned the top spot as a Digital Identity Provider in PYMNTS.com July 2016 edition of its Digital Identity Tracker™, which spotlights the issues and challenges surrounding identity verification and the shift toward more advanced verification solutions.


Early Warning, the industry leader in real-time payments, authentication and risk mitigation was ranked No.1 based on four key criteria including:

  • Channels, where a company is authenticating a consumer’s digital identity;
  • Relying parties, who is using the authenticated digital identity;
  • Authentication use case, how the technology is used; and
  • Authentication method, what is the underlying technology or method used to authenticate the consumer’s identity.

As effective digital identity assessment becomes increasingly critical to optimize the customer experience and mitigate risk for consumers and the banking and payments ecosystems, Early Warning maintains the expertise and provides technology to support:

  • Fostering Financial Inclusion. Identity verification solutions can support financial institutions’ efforts to better serve the unbanked and underserved communities by leveraging collaborative data sets inclusive of digital identity authentication;
  • Evolving Digital Identity Assessment. The spectrum of digital identity assessment is broadly defined and now includes data ranging from social media to personally identifiable information (PII) to Social Security numbers and mobile network operator data;
  • Converging Physical & Digital Worlds. There is value in combining advanced behavioral and biometric techniques with advanced analytics and risk scoring solutions;
  • Employing Step-Up Authentication. As a best practice for risk mitigation, leveraging a layered authentication process, allows for step-up authentication to align with the level of risk within a given transaction; and
  • Executing Safer, Faster Payments. Conducting secure digital payments must begin with identity confidence, and comprehensive risk scoring should be used to evaluate every activity – from onboarding through payment authorization.

Early Warning’s digital identity assessment experts can address these and related topics:

Jim Mortensen
VP, product line leader, Identity

Rich Rezek
VP, product line leader, Authentication

For additional questions or interest in a discussion with Early Warning and Aite Group’s Julie Conroy around these topics, contact Megan Fort, 678.781.7223 or .

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