Protecting Contact

Securing Inbound and Outbound Contact Centers

In today’s fast paced contact center environment, your customers’ expectations for a quick and seamless experience continues to grow. And with every second your customer sits on the phone, it is costing you money. The challenge for contact centers then becomes ensuring you are engaging with the right person on the call without impacting the customer experience unnecessarily. Early Warning helps bridge the gap with intelligence from telcos, mobile network operators (MNOs) and other trusted third-parties that gives your contact center agents confidence they are interacting with your true customer, and not a fraudster. 

For inbound call solutions, we can help you:

  • Implement passive customer authentication
  • Minimize friction and reliance on lengthy knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions
  • Detect spoofed calls and account takeover attempts
  • Reduce call handle times and improve ROI

For outbound calls, we can help you: 

  • Validate number ownership before contact is made 
  • Mitigate TCPA violations
  • Improve the overall experience – for all of your customers

We leverage trusted sources, such as mobile network operator data, to help your contact center solve common inbound and outbound call issues.

inbound call center

Inbound Call Security

Authenticate incoming calls in real-time to minimize timely and costly KBA questions to improve response and call handle times, reduce fraud, increase ROI and improve the customer experience.   

Inbound Call Verification

outbound call center

Outbound Call Compliance

Improve your outbound calling strategy and mitigate TCPA risk with added assurance the phone number on record belongs to your intended customer in real-time – before contact is made. 

Number Verification 


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