Cybercrime Support Network and Zelle® Partner to Build Awareness of Financial Fraud and Scam Prevention

Cybercrime Support Network and Zelle® Partner to Build Awareness of Financial Fraud and Scam Prevention

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) today announced that Early Warning Services, LLC, the network operator of Zelle®, has joined the nonprofit collaboration as a lead sponsor. With cybercrime on the rise and the use of digital payment systems continuing to grow across the U.S., it's essential to educate the public on how to protect themselves. Zelle® and CSN will work together to spread awareness and educate consumers and small businesses on financial fraud and scams.

Pay it Safe – Resources and Tips for Safe Payments 

An April 2021 study commissioned by Zelle® unveils key findings in consumer behavior around financial literacy. About a quarter of consumers surveyed report being a victim of a scam, and almost half report knowing someone who was scammed. Through its Pay It Safe initiatives, Zelle® helps educate consumers on protecting themselves and their money:

  • Only send money to those you trust.
  • Beware of payment scams.
  • Treat Zelle® (or any digital payment system) like cash.

By partnering with nonprofits, Zelle® is extending its focus on the consumer protection of fraud and scam issues related to current events, including COVID-19. As a sponsor of CSN, the company continues its obligation to help consumers transition safely to digital banking services through education.

"The Federal Trade Commission’s data shows that of reported fraud last year, in the fourth quarter alone, losses involving some form of payment system (credit cards, gift cards, wire or bank transfers) exceeded $434M. It’s not surprising that financial fraud and purchase scam resources are some of our most sought after on," said Kristin Judge, CSN's CEO. "We are honored to collaborate with Zelle® to provide scam and fraud resources to reach even more individuals and small businesses impacted by cybercrime."

Early Warning's Director of Consumer Marketing, Alexis Castorina, and Sr. Director of Network Operating Rules, Julie Jeffer, will serve on the CSN advisory board, sharing their expertise and guidance for CSN's growing programs.

"As banking continues to evolve, it's important for us as a company to invest in consumer advocacy opportunities that help educate individuals and small businesses on digital banking safety and ways they can protect their identities online," said Castorina. "Through our partnership, CSN’s educational materials will be made available to all of our Zelle Network® partner financial institutions for distribution to their customers.” 


About Zelle®
Brought to you by Early Warning Services, LLC, an innovator in payment and risk management solutions, Zelle® makes it fast, safe and easy for money to move. The Zelle Network® connects financial institutions of all sizes, enabling consumers and businesses to send fast digital payments to people they know and trust with a bank account in the U.S. Funds are available directly in bank accounts generally within minutes when the recipient is already enrolled with Zelle®. To learn more about Zelle® and its participating financial institutions, visit


About Cybercrime Support Network
Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) is a public-private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit collaboration whose mission is to serve individuals and businesses impacted by cybercrime. With the strong support of our sponsors, Craig Newmark Philanthropies - AT&T - Capital One - Cisco Systems - Comcast - Early Warning - Google - Microsoft - NordVPN - Trend Micro - Verizon - Zelle, CSN can continue to support individuals and small businesses through, a resource database for those impacted by cybercrime and online fraud, and, a website to help identify scams and stop fraudsters. For more information, please visit: