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Nickel & Crime is a true crime podcast that tells the real accounts of insidious bank and financial corruptions. Tune in monthly to hear the stories of white-collar criminals on their quest to steal life’s questionably most treasured asset: money.

Launched in 2022, Nickel & Crime is made possible by Early Warning®, a leader in technology that helps protect and advance the financial system, as well as the network operator of Zelle®.

How to Listen

For those that are new to podcasts we’ve created an easy guide to getting started. Episodes are available to listen to on this website, which is best when you’re sitting at a computer. Or for those on the go, or on a commute, search for Nickel & Crime on various streaming platforms.

  1. Open the podcast app
    There is a pre-loaded app on Apple products called “Podcasts.” Click the purple icon and start a search for Nickel & Crime. Android users can listen in the yellow and orange “Play Music” app.
  2. Subscribe
    If you’ve listened to an episode and like what you hear, on the show’s page tap the “subscribe” button to be alerted of when a new episode is published.