For landlords, dog sitters, plumbers and more, Zelle® enables small businesses to send and receive money directly from their mobile banking app.

Enable your customers to send and receive money with friends, family and others they trust within minutes*.    

Send corporate or government payments to almost anyone in the United States using only the recipient’s email or U.S. mobile number.* 

Personalize send limits and drive more usage of Zelle® while protecting your business and customers from fraud and scams.

Nearly 1700 financial institutions (FIs) signed on to the Zelle Network®, representing 74% (577 million) of all U.S. DDA accounts Credit unions and banks under $10 billion in assets are driving growth, representing 40% of FIs in the Zelle Network® Small businesses and consumers sent 436 million payments worth $120 billion with Zelle® in Q2 2021
"Today, more than 1,000 banks and credits unions are currently contracted to participate on the Zelle Network®, including 731 that are live today and processing transactions,” said Al Ko, CEO of Early Warning Services, LLC.

Boston, MA

The Basketball Tournament (TBT) today announced that Zelle® is the Official Payment Partner of TBT.  Through this partnership, winners will receive TBT’s $2 million prize with Zelle®, during the award ceremony, giving winners speed and...

Scottsdale, AZ, February 2, 2021 – Early Warning Services, LLC, the network operator behind Zelle®, today announced record payment volume and value in 2020 with 1.2 billion transactions, totaling $307 billion sent — an increase of 58% and 62% year-over-year, respectively. Four hundred and fifty-seven new financial institutions also joined the Zelle Network® in 2020.
Scottsdale, AZ


Zelle today announced $75-billion in money moved in 2017 across its payments network, as millions of consumers reduced their dependence on physical checks and cash, and took part in the digital "new way to pay."

In 2017, the...

In the first six months of 2020, $133 billion on 519 million transactions was sent through the Zelle Network®. Read how consumers used Zelle® to share costs for utilities, pay rent, give gifts, send charitable donations, and money to friends and family in need as well as receive disbursements
Zelle® and Oprah Daily have teamed up to give back to deserving teachers during two special episodes of Oprah Daily’s series, The OG Chronicles. As a show of appreciation for all these teachers do, Zelle® is sending monetary giveaways directly into their bank accounts.

Scottsdale, AZ

Early Warning Services, LLC, the network operator behind Zelle®, today announced $49 billion was sent through the Zelle Network® on 196 million transactions during Q3 2019. Year-over-year payment values increased by 58%, while...

More than half of consumers sending money withZelle® are ages 25-54, part of both the Millennial and Generation X demographics, while boomers, ages 55- 72, have recently increased their overall use of Zelle®.

"Knowing for certain who you're dealing with on the other side of a computer, tablet or mobile device is essential to combating all types of fraud."

Scottsdale, AZ

Zelle® closed the year with its strongest quarter on record with $35-billion in payments on 135-million in transactions processed – an increase of 12% and 19% quarter-over-quarter, respectively. Year-over-year payment value (4Q 2017...