The analyst firm reports that 68% of surveyed financial institutions (FIs) report this as the number one threat they are currently facing.
FIs must use new techniques to ensure they know who they are dealing with in the online and mobile channels. 
In 2015, approximately 112,000 consumers reported being victims of mobile wallet-related account takeover and this is likely to get worse before it gets better…
Passwords. The bane of my existence. Can’t they all just get along?
According to a September 2015 bulletin from the U.S. Secret Service and the PCI Security Standards Council, there is a steady increase in fraudsters exploiting vulnerabilities in the account provisioning and verification process for mobile wallets.
Watch this video to learn more about new account fraud and how Early Warning's solutions can help solve for this growing threat.
Real-time payments demand real-time fraud mitigation. Watch this webinar to learn about the latest tools, best practices and recommendations to keep up.
Last week’s announcement from NIST that SMS one-time-passwords (OTP) were deprecated as a form of out-of-band (OOB) authentication put the industry in a tizzy.
"As more and more companies are often sending OTPs to mobile phones, fraudsters have kept pace by developing means to compromise them through techniques like SIM swapping."

Account Takeover & Application Fraud.

Having the tools to validate account ownership and status in real-time, and before the debit is processed, should be a main priority for any organization wanting to protect themselves and their customers.
By 2020, application fraud losses related to demand deposit accounts are projected to exceed US$636 million, a costly problem indeed.

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