Protect against call spoofing by verifying, in real-time, the validity of the phone number and line type calling in to your contact center or institution.  

Ensure that your SMS one-time passcodes land on the intended device and that customers can easily authenticate themselves with the touch of a link from their trusted device.  

Pre-populate your customers’ personal information in website forms to save time, ensure accuracy and improve the user experience.

Determine the overall health of a device or browser to detect compromises and assess the level of risk.

Determine the overall health of a web browser via mobile device, laptop or PC to detect compromises and assess the level of risk.

"Knowing for certain who you're dealing with on the other side of a computer, tablet or mobile device is essential to combating all types of fraud."

Financial institutions are actively evaluating the market demand and deciding how to offer real-time payments to their customers, and how to do it safely. Check out this webinar to learn more.
Watch this webinar to see how Zelle®elle is getting money to move fast, safe and easy across the U.S., and what this means for banks and credit unions.

Fraudsters are using sophisticated social engineering tactics to impersonate victims through FI contact centers or directly with the mobile carriers.