Guide to check fraud prevention

Checks and Balances: Check Fraud Prevention Best Practices to Combat Escalating Attacks

Check fraud is growing at a shocking pace. In 2022, banks filed 680,000 check-fraud reports—nearly doubling the 350,000 reports filed in 2021.1

While check fraud is an age-old threat, its resurgence is catching even the most forward-thinking financial institutions (FIs) off guard.

In this guide, we explore what check fraud looks like in the age of digital banking, the impact on banks and credit unions and effective check fraud prevention best practices.

Download the guide to learn:

  • The latest fraud vectors driving a dramatic increase in check fraud
  • The key challenges financial institutions face in spotting and stopping check fraud
  • 4 best practices FIs can implement today to enhance and bolster their check fraud prevention strategies

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1. U.S. Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, Suspicious Activity Report Statistics (SAR Stats), 2023
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