3 Powerful Results a Refined Bank Account Validation Approach Will Deliver

3 Powerful Results a Refined Bank Account Validation Approach Will Deliver

With over 60% of Americans now using digital banking1, financial institutions have had to grapple with how to deliver frictionless, multi-channel customer experiences while still protecting against fraud and account abuse.

Data intelligence enables frictionless everyday banking experiences

From expediting funds availability when a customer opens a new checking account to screening a payment when a customer pays a bill online, financial institutions need access to data insights that allow them to make informed decisions in real-time. Predictive models can work behind the scenes to evaluate the risk profile of customers and transactions in seconds – meaning financial institutions can add safeguards to their process without impacting the customer experience.

In this webinar co-hosted by industry experts from Early Warning® and Nacha, discover how a refined bank account validation approach will deliver powerful results to help you:

  • Successfully fund more new accounts and accept more deposits
  • Reduce losses due to non-sufficient funds and fraud
  • Deliver a frictionless customer experience and expedite funds availability

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