Curinos Report: Zelle® Usage Drives Customer Engagement for Financial Institutions
curinos report

Financial institutions are facing intense competition from both fintechs and traditional players, putting downward pressure on the revenue they generate from mass-market consumers.

Curinos’ new report Zelle® Usage Drives Customer Engagement explains “as digital channels become a larger source of new customers, banks find that engagement levels and revenue contribution of these customers are far lower than their existing, branch-originated counterparts.”

According to Curinos’ report, “FIs are now challenged; 40% of mass-market customers cost them more to serve than they generate in revenue.” Banks and credit unions are seeking new ways to profitably serve these customers, and real-time P2P payments solutions like Zelle® are playing an increasingly important role.

Download the latest report by Curinos and Early Warning® to learn how Zelle®can help banks and credit unions:

  • Drive significantly higher levels of customer engagement, especially among low-engagement, new-to-bank and low-balance customers
  • Boost profitability by an average of $25 per customer year-over-year compared to customers who don’t use Zelle®
  • Increase interchange transaction volume by 5.1 additional transactions per month after 12 months - a 3x increase compared to customers that didn’t use Zelle®

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