Open more accounts by recognizing relationships you can trust

Get a step ahead in security, speed, and customer experience

Stay ahead of savvy, sophisticated fraudsters

As the Trusted Custodian® of the National Shared DatabaseSM Resource, Early Warning® enables financial Institutions with trusted intelligence to open more accounts while reducing losses due to fraud with real-time identity and behavioral intelligence contributed by thousands of financial institutions.

Open more accounts 
Grow your financial institution while protecting yourself against bad actors—with deep predictive intelligence and synthetic detection.

Deliver seamless customer experience
Deliver a frictionless customer experience without sacrificing security with a solution that matches your risk tolerance.

Improve financial inclusion
Increase financial inclusion with behavioral insights.

Meet Elliot

Learn how the power of global connectivity in digital banking can
enhance everyday banking Interactions—like Elliot's.

National Shared DatabaseSM Resource contains a broad set of deposit performance data contributed by 2,500 FIs with scored account data on 11.5 billion transactional records1.

Data-backed identity verification and risk mitigation tools

Explore our solutions and discover how you can transform your customers' experiences and enhance your financial institution's new account opening strategy.

Verify Identity
Verify Identity

Determine, in real-time, the
likelihood that an applicant is who
they say they are2

  • Strengthen identity confidence
    at account opening
  • Reduce fraud losses with real-time
    access to identity scores
  • Meet Gramm-Leach Bliley compliance requirements
Predict New Account Risk

Protect against first-party and account default fraud losses with predictive intelligence.

  • Gain Insight Into an applicant's
    deposit account history
  • Balance risk, efficiency, and
  • Improve financial inclusion
Deposit Chek
Real-time Deposit Chek® Service

Confirm the status of an account and predict the likelihood that an item will be returned in real-time.

  • Reduce losses associated with “high-risk” deposits
  • Decrease average hold times
  • Detect counterfeit and duplicate items
The Early Warning Advantage

Leverage 30 years of experience to enhance your new accounting opening strategy.

  • Robust data - Early Warning is the Trusted Custodian® of the National Shared DatabaseSM Resource which contains a rich set of data, ensuring our information is always up-to-date.
  • Scalable technology - Grow at your own pace! Access our capability bundles through a single API. Implement once—and quickly deploy additional capabilities in a snap.
  • Rich analytics - Our risk assessment algorithms incorporate comprehensive, cross-institution data sets, adding depth and perspective to insights.

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