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Application Briefs
Automating the Asset Verification Process for Financial Institutions
Mitigating Fraud When Opening and Funding Online Accounts:
      Enhancing the Verification and Funding Processes

Consideration Papers
Vulnerabilities and Risks Must Be Considered as Industry Pronders New, Faster Payment Systems - Laura Weinflash

Industry Briefs
Value Tests Confirm Enhanced Data Can Curb Account Takeover
Protecting Credit Card Issuers: Identity Chek® Service First Party
      Fraud Scores Created To Help the Credit Card Industry Tackle
      First Party Fraud
Recent Value Tests Confirm Fraud Data is a More Effective New
      Account Decisioning Tool
Industry Report Cites Early Warning As Effective Counter-
      measure to Internal Fraud
Industry Executives Voice Approval in How Early Warning
      Safeguards and Manages Data

White Papers
Using Collaborative Data to Mitigate Fraud in Government Payment Programs
Anti-Money Laundering: A $2 Billion Search for the Needle in the Haystack
Proceed with Caution: Card Issuers Work to Regain Their Footing
Using Collaborative Intelligence in the Fight Against Fraud
2012 Fraud Spend Trends Findings –
      compiled by Javelin Strategy & Research

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