Verify Social Security Numbers Electronically, in Real-Time

Instantly confirm whether an applicant is presenting a valid SSN

ID Chek
Step 1:

A consumer submits their personally identifiable information through your digital application system and electronically consents to have their Social Security number  (SSN) verified with the Social Security Administration (SSA)*.

Step 2:

Early Warning receives a real-time inquiry about the applicant and connects with the SSA’s electronic verification service to identify whether the submitted name-SSN-DOB combination matches a valid identity record.

Step 3:

Early Warning provides you with a match response of Yes or No.

Step 4:

You use the Verify SSN results to make a reliable and timely assessment of the applicant.

*Early Warning® is a “permitted entity” selected to integrate with the Social Security Administration’s electronic Consent Based Social Security Number Verification (eCBSV) service.

Real-time Electronic SSN Verification: What You Need To Know
  • Robust data: Early Warning is the Trusted Custodian® of the National Shared DatabaseSM Resource—which contains a rich set of deposit performance data contributed by thousands of financial institutions on a recurring basis, ensuring our information is always up to date.
  • Scalable technology: Grow at your own pace! Access our capability bundles through a single API (application programming interface). Implement once—and quickly deploy additional capabilities in a snap. 
  • Rich analytics: Look beyond a single match to a negative data point—and make more informed decisions, in context. Our risk assessment algorithms incorporate comprehensive, cross-institution data sets, adding depth and perspective to insights.
  • Proven track record: Take advantage of Early Warning’s 30 years of experience to enhance your existing new account opening and risk mitigation process or use our holistic bundles end-to-end.


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