Securing High Risk Transactions






Bringing Trust to Transactions

The industry is evolving; financial services are no longer limited to the four walls of a branch. As more customers transact online, on devices and through the contact center, it becomes difficult to know who you are interacting with. With our real-time authentication solutions, we can give you the confidence your high-risk transactions are fast, safe and most importantly, easy for you and your customers. 

By utilizing our solution to secure high-risk transactions you can:

  • Integrate a balanced fraud and risk mitigation strategy
  • Layer both passive and active authenticators
  • Incorporate multi-factor capabilities for stepped-up authentication
  • Help secure digital channels from account take-over attempts
  • Reduce overall fraud and ease friction for good customers
  • Improve the customer experience

We can help you protect against the following types of high-risk transactions, and more:

computer and cell phone

Account Logins

Protect your customers from unauthorized account access as a result of data breaches or compromised login credentials.
Fortified OTP
Device IQ
Browser IQ

password resets

Password Resets

Protect against fraudulent password resets following an account take-over by layering in additional authenticators to ensure you are keeping your customers safe.
Number Verification
Fortified OTP

contact icon

Updating Contact Information

Validate customer contact information updates are completed by your true customer and not a fraudster trying to redirect calls, one-time passcodes or mail following an account take-over.

Mobile Identity & Mobile Status
Number Verification
Fortified OTP

deposit verification icon

Deposit and Payment Verification

Determine ownership, authorization and the associated risk for deposit and payment items used to fund new and existing accounts.
Deposit Chek® Service
Payment Chek® Service

Let’s talk about how you can secure high-risk transactions.

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