Delivering Digital Payments that are Fast, Safe and Easy

Whether you are already part of the money movement revolution as a participant bank on the Zelle Network® or looking to join, having the right solutions in place to protect your customers’ digital payments is key.

The good news is, Early Warning can help; we have nearly three decades of experience in fraud and security. Let us show you how we can help.  


    Securing Digital Payments provide real-time solutions that allow your institution to:

    • Thoroughly authenticate new users, devices and transactions.
    • Validate users at point of application.
    • Provide frictionless authentication for future log-ins.
    • Optimize the customer experience.
    • Ensure customer contact information and network credentials are up-to-date.
    • Validate transactions and provide customer notifications upon receipt.
    • Protect the integrity of the Zelle Network® and its community of customers.
    • Reduce fraud and provide confidence in accurate payment delivery.
    • Provide your customers with a fast, safe and easy digital payments experience.
    New Account Onboarding

    We leverage almost three decades of experience to help secure the Zelle Network® with our proven identity and authentication capabilities.

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    We make it easier by helping you understand who they are, what they’ve done and how they might act in the future to provide the intelligence to make informed decisions during application and enrollment.

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    More About Identity Verification
    A dual citizen recruits a money mule to play with the hearts of many via online dating and swindle more than $5 million. At the point of application, Verify Identity coupled with Verify SSN equips a financial institution with confidence to say that a customer is who they say they are.
    An executive at a religious financial institution is tempted to live a double life: empower the customers wanting to find their purpose or steal from the institution that helps them do so. A story of embezzlement, deceit and fraud.
    A computer consultant sells his list of more than 700 synthetic identities to two Florida men to steal millions from COVID-19 relief programs. Synthetic identity fraud is the fastest growing financial crime in the U.S. and fraudsters are capitalizing on existing blind spots with traditional fraud risk models. Verify Identity is a new account opening tool built with ID Confidence, a Synthetics Indicator and Verify SSN to help stop bad actors from entering the system.