Fast, Safe and Easy Payments with Zelle®


At Early Warning, we understand that when money moves, life happens. Which is exactly why we brought Zelle® to market. Zelle® enables businesses and consumers to deliver payments that are available within minutes*, using only the recipient’s email or U.S. mobile number. Our person-to-person payments solution leveraging the Zelle Network® has changed the way millions of people nationwide move money.

And we’re just getting started.


Our solution means you can:

  • Deliver modern payments that your customers are asking for
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Create additional revenue opportunities for treasury groups
  • Enable your customers to send and receive money with friends, family and others they trust within minutes*     
  • Increase your brand visibility
  • Attract and retain new customers
  • Reduce cash and check management expenses
We can help solve your payment challenges for both person-to-person (P2P) and business-to-consumer (B2C) payments.
Zelle® P2P

Consumers can send and receive funds within minutes*  to people they know and trust. The best part? It’s available directly from the convenience of your mobile banking app.

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Disbursements with Zelle®

Using only an email or U.S. mobile number, businesses can deliver funds to almost anyone with a U.S. bank account. Disbursements with Zelle® is reshaping how businesses think of payroll, refunds, reimbursements and numerous other payment challenges.

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