Number Verification

Know Who You Are Contacting

With Mobile Network Operator intelligence, we’ll help you determine if the number on file still belongs to your customer – before contact is made.

Outbound Customer Contact

An outbound call or SMS text is sent to customer to initiate communication.

Phone Number Verification

Prior to contact, Early Warning uses data from the telco companies to validate that the mobile phone number on record is associated with the right customer.

Customer is Validated

With access to over 760M phone numbers (reflecting 99% of wireless, VoIP and landline coverage) Early Warning provides confidence you are communicating with the right customer.

Product Benefits

Early Warning’s Number Verification helps you:

  • Leverage telco data to passively authenticate outbound calls & SMS texts
  • Improve Call/Do Not Call contact center strategy
  • Mitigate the risk of costly Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) violations
  • Clean up existing portfolio of phone numbers for increased accuracy
  • Identify ownership changes due to reassigned numbers
  • Increase confidence OTPs are delivered to the intended recipient
  • Improve the customer experience


Best as Bundle

Improve the Customer Experience

Couple Number Verification with additional Early Warning products to enable fast, safe and easy customer interactions. Our Authentify® Platform Solution Suite provides effective online device verification and authentication to reduce fraud and enhance customers’ experiences throughout their lifecycle and across all channels.

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