Identify Relationships You Can Trust

It’s hard to make a decision about someone you’ve just met, and it’s even harder when you are a world wide web apart. We make it easier by helping you understand who they are, what they’ve done and how they might act in the future. That information is available in real-time so you’ll recognize financial relationships you can trust.

Our new account application & funding solution means your institution can:
  • Accept more new account applications, even in the digital channel.
  • Make faster decisions, improving the customer experience.
  • Match applicant’s SSN/ name/ date-of-birth directly with Social Security Administration.
  • Meet your CIP & KYC objectives.
  • Reduce losses from fraud & account mismanagement.
  • Check the validity of initial account funding.
  • Bind the applicant’s device for future identification needs.
  • Transfer good funds from a known and trusted account.
We help you answer these questions to open new accounts with confidence
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Do you know it’s them?

Leverage our industry-leading bank data to verify the applicant’s identity.

SSN Verification (eCBSV) Service

Real-time Identity Chek® Service - ID Confidence Score


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Should you trust them?

Decide whether to open the account and which services to offer based on first-party fraud and customer default probabilities for the next nine months.

Real-time Identity Chek® Service - First-Party Fraud & Account Default Scores


mobile deposit icon
Should you accept their initial deposit?

Determine authorization for the funding account and the associated funding risk.

Real-time Deposit Chek® Service


Let’s talk about how you can open accounts with confidence.

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