Recognize Your Customer’s Device

You’ll know it’s your customer on the other end of the device through telco, mobile network operator and trusted third-party intelligence that can alert you of high-risk scenarios.

ID Chek
Customer Interacts with You

Customer uses device to access your online banking portal or to call your contact center.

Mobile Identity

Early Warning determines who you are interacting with in real-time by validating the ownership of the device and authorization through passive, behind-the-scenes authenticators provided by telcos, mobile network operators and trusted third-party intelligence.

Mobile Authentication

We recognize the device’s secure hardware-based token (e.g. SIM card) to create a unique 1:1 bind and establish whether or not the person is authorized to transact on the mobile device.

Mobile Status

Early Warning checks to see if there have been any recent changes to the account to identify possible account takeover attempts or other high-risk scenarios.

Product Benefits

Mobile Identity, Status & Authentication combined with other Early Warning products help you:

  • Deliver a frictionless experience through passive authenticators
  • Provide a secure login without complicating the customer experience
  • Evolve payments risk-mitigation strategies
  • Confirm device ownership during wallet provisioning
  • Evaluate the overall health of device for malware or other compromises
  • Create a strong device bind at new account opening and for all future interactions
  • Enable contact centers to verify inbound and outbound callers