Securing the delivery of one-time passcodes (OTPs)

Leverage telco, mobile network operator (MNO) and trusted third-party intelligence for increased confidence that your one-time passcode was delivered to the intended recipient, and not a fraudster.

ID Chek
Need for Authentication

Customer initiates a high-risk transaction or requires stepped-up authentication.

OTP Sent Via Secure Link

Early Warning sends a secure URL link to authenticate the customer with a simple touch of the link.

Passive Intelligence

Early Warning utilizes information from telcos, MNOs and trusted third-parties, along with the secure hardware-based revocable token (e.g. SIM card) to associate the device with the intended recipient.

Informed Decisions

Early Warning confirms message was received on the intended device or recommends additional, stepped-up authentication.

Product Benefits


Fortified OTP helps you:

  • Secure traditional SMS out-of-band authentication
  • Fight against device take-over attempts such as SIM card swaps
  • Protect against social engineering attacks, SMS forwarding, and account take-over attacks
  • Authenticate customers without cumbersome passwords
  • Improve the customer experience by reducing friction