Identify and Assess Mobile Threats

Consistently and uniquely identify your customer’s device in the digital channel to develop an accurate risk assessment. 

ID Chek
Customer Interacts with You

Customer uses a mobile device to access your app. 

Device Identification

Early Warning creates a unique and persistent identifier, capable of surviving app deletion/reinstallation and cannot be spoofed . This unique ID allows you to differentiate between returning and new devices with confidence.

Device Interrogation

Early Warning examines the device to determine its overall health to develop a risk profile. By detecting high-risk indicators such as malware installation, jailbroken or rooted status of the device, Early Warning returns critical information to help decision transaction requests made by the mobile phone in real-time.  

Risk Assessment

Once the device has been interrogated to better understand its trustworthiness, you can act according to your specific organizational risk policies – allowing, denying, or requiring additional step-up authentication. 


Early Warning’s Device IQ solution helps you:

  • Create a unique and persistent identifier for returning mobile app users
  • Prevent account takeover attacks and reduce fraud by accurately identifying, interrogating and assessing the trustworthiness of the mobile device
  • Improve the customer experience by passively evaluating the risk of the user’s device, applying friction only when needed