Browser Fingerprinting

Consistently and uniquely identify your customers’ desktop and mobile devices in the digital channel with browser fingerprinting. 

How It Works
Customer Interacts with You

Customer uses desktop or mobile browser to access your web-based content.

Browser identification

Once the browser has been screened for health, Early Warning creates a unique identifier to associate the device with your customer to recognize it for future account logins.  

Browser Interrogation

Early Warning examines the browser to detect high-risk indicators such as geographical and time attributes, plug-ins and IP address. 

Browser Risk Assessment

Once the browser and its components have been interrogated to better understand its trustworthiness, data is returned in real-time that empowers you with intelligence to proceed with the transaction or step up authentication.


Early Warning’s Browser IQ solution helps you:

  • Create a unique identifier for returning desktop and mobile web users
  • Detect high-risk indicators such as geographical and time attributes, plug-ins and IP address
  • Prevent Man-In-The-Browser and account takeover attacks to reduce fraud by accurately identifying, interrogating and assessing the trustworthiness of the device’s browser
  • Improve the customer experience by passively evaluating the risk of the user’s browser, applying friction only when needed
Best as Bundle

Complete Omni-channel Authentication

Couple Browser IQ with additional Early Warning products to enable fast, safe and easy customer interactions. Our Authentify® Platform Solution Suite provides effective online device verification and authentication to reduce fraud and enhance customers’ experiences throughout their lifecycle and across all channels.

Let’s talk about how you can identify and assess your user’s browser.

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