Account Locator & Asset Search and VerificationSM Service

Locate accounts, verify consumer assets and determine deposit account status

Efficiently locate accounts and assess asset eligibility for government benefit programs by determining deposit account status and verifying assets on established bank accounts.

Financial Institution

FIs contribute balance and account owner elements including checking, savings, CD and IRA accounts to Early Warning’s database.

Government or 3rd Party

Requests account information regarding applicant for government benefits program.

Early Warning

Early Warning matches account and balance response from contributed data and returns electronic response to Government entity.

Product Benefits

Providing efficiencies and compliance safeguards for government agency asset inquiries:

  • Easily identify accounts associated with government benefit program applicants
  • Accurately verify account information claimed on government assistance paperwork
  • Improves the customer experience by expediting deposit of funds
  • Identifies accounts that may not have been disclosed or misrepresented
  • Enables financial services organizations to remain in control over customer data

Government Entities Can Utilize our Partners to Validate Accounts & Assets

To learn more about how you can efficiently find where consumers have established bank account relationships and identify relevant assets, contact our Channel Partners. 

Let’s talk about locating accounts and verifying assets more efficiently.

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