Authentify® Platform Solution Suite





Integrated Device Verification & User Authentication

Enable fast, safe and easy customer interactions with our Authentify Platform Solution Suite. Our single API offers a one-stop-shop to serve as a platform to orchestrate authentication, identity verification, risk assessment, and more! Rather than purchasing new solutions to adapt to evolving risk needs, this platform can grow with your organization and protect across various channels and applications.

We provide effective device verification and authentication to reduce fraud and enhance customer experiences. Whether you’re combating call spoofing, providing one-time passcodes or layering multi-factor authentication, we have a plug-and-play solution for you.

Our solution suite helps you:

  • Integrate a layered authentication strategy with both active and passive authenticators
  • Achieve out-of-band authentication across multiple channels
  • Easily adapt to evolving risk mitigation needs
  • Streamline vendors and reduce costs with common core API connection
  • Minimize authentication friction and improve the customer experience

Let’s talk about how our Authentify Platform Solution Suite can work for you.

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