Top 5 Bank Selects Early Warning's Mobile Solutions Suite with Apple Pay

Scottsdale, AZ

Insight on Mobile Account and Device Attributes will Protect Consumers, Bank Issuers and Credit Card Companies from Mobile Wallet Fraud Vulnerabilities

Early Warning, a leader in collaborative risk solutions, today announced that one of the nation’s largest banks will implement the Early Warning suite of mobile solutions in conjunction with Apple Pay to help ensure safer, faster payments for their customers’ eligible credit and debit cards using Apple Pay via iOS8 and near-field communication (NFC) functionality on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 devices.

Early Warning mobile authentication solutions for the financial services industry helps build trust in the digital channel by reducing fraud and risk, thereby improving the customer experience. Using mobile network operator (MNO) data, Early Warning’s Mobile Identifier enables Mobile Status, Mobile Identity and Mobile Call Verification Services that determine if the mobile device used to initiate card provisioning for mobile wallet services belongs to the mobile device account owner.

The top five bank that has selected Early Warning's suite of mobile solutions will deploy the Services to thwart a wide variety of possible mobile wallet vulnerabilities, including phishing, SMS or one-time password forwarding, use of fraudulent identity and account credentials, and call spoofing, among others.

“As an association of financial institutions, Early Warning is uniquely positioned to protect consumers and the financial industry through deterministic authentication solutions that deliver a seamless and secure Apple Pay customer experience,” said Aaron Bartrim, Early Warning’s Chief Innovation Officer. “With our unique real-time access to Mobile Network Operator data, Early Warning provides card issuers foundational mobile payment authentication measures as well as monitoring for risk-indicator changes against a comprehensive U.S. coverage database reflecting more than 94 percent wireless coverage and more than 297 million wireless customers.”

“It is essential to integrate an effective mobile payment provisioning function to create a strong user experience. In the Apple Pay environment, issuers need a proactive tool which makes the process seamless, efficient and protected,” said Brian Riley, Senior Research Director, CEB TowerGroup.

For more information on the Early Warning Mobile Identifier and all of Early Warning’s mobile solutions visit or the Early Warning booth, #918, at the Money 20/20 event at Aria in Las Vegas, Nov. 3-5.

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