Early Warning Launches Mobile Verification Solutions to Improve Inbound and Outbound Calling

Early Warning Launches Mobile Verification Solutions to Improve Inbound and Outbound Calling

Scottsdale, AZ

Early Warning, a leader in collaborative risk solutions, today announced the launch of its Mobile Call Verification Service and Mobile Number Verification Service, enabling contact centers to improve identity confidence for both inbound and outbound calls.

“Contact centers in multiple industries are under increasing pressure to improve their security and compliance measures while maintaining the most seamless customer experience,” said Jason Malo, research director with CEB TowerGroup. “By validating both mobile device and network data, organizations may strengthen and streamline authentication as well as ensure the most current customer contact information is at hand.”

The solutions within Early Warning’s Verification Suite do just that: they are enabled by Early Warning’s Mobile Identifier, which can provide consumer visibility across mobile networks, regardless of changes to accounts, devices and mobile numbers to ensure organizations are interacting with the right consumer.

Mobile Call Verification Service improves inbound calling authentication processes by verifying – in real-time – the validity of the phone number calling in, as well as the status of the associated mobile account, whether it is suspended, activated or deactivated.

Mobile Number Verification Service helps organizations confirm numbers before calls are made. This real-time confirmation tool verifies that the mobile phone numbers contact centers have on file actually belong to their customers (as well as the status of their mobile accounts), which helps contact centers comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The law prohibits companies from contacting consumers without prior consent, especially as it relates to auto-dialers and mobile numbers – regardless of accidental or “wrong number” calls, and failure to comply can result in penalties as high as $1,500 per violation.

“Early Warning is in a unique position to address the challenges in the industry. Because we have real-time access to Mobile Network Operator data, we can cross-check inquiries against more than 720 million phone numbers, reflecting more than 94 percent of U.S. wireless coverage and more than 297 million wireless customers” said Aaron Bartrim, Early Warning’s Chief Innovation Officer. “This means organizations can gain a higher degree of confidence that the consumer on the phone is the true customer to improve contact center efficiencies and reduce fraud and compliance risk.”

Early next year, Early Warning will augment Mobile Call Verification Service to provide the ability to detect if the incoming call is in an active session at that moment. This enhancement will help organizations better identify possible “spoofing” fraud – where a fraudster calls a contact center from a mobile number associated with another customer and impersonates them in an effort to commit fraud.

For more information on the Early Warning Mobile Identifier, Mobile Call Verification Service and Mobile Number Verification Service, visit http://www.earlywarning.com/solutions/authentication/mobile-solutions.html

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