Early Warning Joins FIDO Alliance

Early Warning Joins FIDO Alliance

Scottsdale, AZ

Early Warning, a leader in fraud prevention and risk management, today announced that it has become a sponsor member of the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, a non-profit, industry consortium committed to developing open, scalable and interoperable authentication standards in an effort to reduce the reliance on passwords to securely authenticate users of online services.

Brett McDowell, executive director of the FIDO Alliance, said, "We are excited to welcome our newest sponsor member, Early Warning. The company joins a powerful FIDO ecosystem vital to pushing our vision of universal strong authentication that promises better security, enhanced privacy, more commerce and expansion of services throughout digital industries. Early Warning's addition to our Alliance supports our industry goal to make user authentication easier and safer for all parties."

"Early Warning recognizes the value of cross-industry collaboration. In fact, our fraud and risk solutions use collaborative data - contributed by an array of financial services organizations - to help solve some of the most pressing challenges facing the financial services industry," said Michael Toth, vice president of product management for mobile solutions at Early Warning. "Early Warning's mobile authentication solutions are being adopted by several of the countryís top financial institutions. Likewise, sponsoring and collaborating with the FIDO Alliance aligns with our commitment to improving the customer experience while reducing fraud and operational costs for the industry."

The FIDO Alliance is focused on transforming online authentication by developing more secure specifications to authenticate users and is working to ensure worldwide adoption of new specifications and standards. Just last month, it published final FIDO 1.0 specifications for two protocols, Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) and Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), to make authentication simpler yet stronger.

Early Warning is proud to join financial services industry leaders such as Visa, MasterCard, Bank of America, Wells Fargo as well as other authentication innovators in this common goal.

Mobile Number Verification is part of a suite of solutions from Early Warning that provide visibility across mobile networks to changes occurring across mobile accounts, devices and phone numbers to strengthen mobile and online authentication and improve the customer experience.

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For more than 20 years, Early Warning has worked with financial services organizations of all sizes as well as government entities to advance collaborative risk management as well as improve customer service and operational efficiencies. For more information, visit www.earlywarning.com.