Early Warning, Aite Group Present Webinar and White Paper on New Account Fraud

Educating, advising financial institutions on risk management strategies to counter rising fraud

Early Warning and Aite Group will participate in an American Banker hosted webinar and have collaborated on a complementary whitepaper, each detailing the future soaring rate of new account fraud and the digital identity risk management strategies financial institutions should consider in response.

These resources are based on Aite Group’s March 2016 report, authored by research director Julie Conroy, “Application Fraud Rising as Breaches Fan the Flames.”

Points of discussion throughout the new account fraud webinar will include:

  • The volume of personal consumer financial information already compromised as a result of data breaches;
  • Causation for the considerable rise in new account fraud, including the adoption of EMV, which forces criminals to shift their strategies;
  • The need for financial institutions’ digital account acquisition goals to be accompanied by stronger digital identity assessments; and
  • New means available to authenticate a user and verify data presented by applicants.

The white paper, “The Evolution of Identity Intelligence to Combat the Growth in New Account Fraud and Improve the Customer Experience,” encompasses:

  • Fraud trends that are causing a tipping point from traditional counterfeit card schemes toward new account fraud;
  • Financial institutions’ need to balance risk and financial inclusion while consumers take advantage of the conveniences of omnichannel account opening advances;
  • Market sizing charts including anticipated DDA Application fraud growth;
  • Best practices for digital identity assessment; and
  • The value of collaborative, cross-bank intelligence as a tool for authenticating and validating identity credentials while assessing new account risk to determine account privileges.

As a result of data breaches occurring in 2015, 477 million identity records were compromised, according to Aite Group. In the report, the growing availability of consumer data contributing to application fraud is attributed in part to the migration to EMV, which will likely drive further increases in application fraud.

Watch the webinar on demand by clicking here.

The white paper can be requested by clicking here.

For additional questions or interest in a discussion with Early Warning and Aite Group’s Julie Conroy around these topics, contact Megan Fort, 678.781.7223 or email megan@williammills.com.

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